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No te preocupes por el "por qué" ,cuando el "que" lo tienes delante de ti.

jueves, mayo 2

All nights i dreamed whit you, in other city,in other time,in other house,in other situation,of course,was perfect, you and me,face to face,in other park,it was amazing,because it had all green field,with many rivers,shops and more,but it not very important,the very important thing for now i can write this letter,is for i need you,i need you here whit me,whit or whitout other house,city,i dont mind,only you and me, and nothing more,because nothing is important untill you stay here,i miss the times whit you,i miss your smile for silly things,but nices.
Only im going to writing your faboulous,amazing,and and.. i dont know ,, so... so.... incredible life.